Events & Presentations

Events Calendar

08-12-20202Q20 Earnings & Conf. Call
07-28-2020 J.P. Morgan LatAm & CEEMEA SMid Cap Opportunities Conference 
07-07-2020 Bradesco BBI Virtual LatAm Consumer Forum 
06-30-2020 UBS Virtual Latin America Consumer Conference 
06-24-2020 J.P. Morgan Southern Cone & Andean Opportunities Conference 
06-02-2020 BofAML EM Debt & Equity Virtual Conference 
05-13-20201Q20 Earnings & Conf. Call
03-31-2020Bradesco Virtual Road Show 
03-18-20204Q19 Earnings & Conf. Call 
02-25-2020JPM GEMs Corporate Conference, Miami 
11-25-2019 Itau LatAm Conference, London
11-19-2019 Bradesco CEO Forum, NYC
11-13-2019 3Q19 Earnings & Conf. Call
10-24-2019 BCP Securities Fixed Income Annual Conference, Buenos Aires
08-07-2019 2Q19 Earnings & Conf. Call
06-12-2019 JPM Southern Cone & Andean Opportunities, Buenos Aires
05-28-2019 BofAML EM Debt & Equity Conference, Miami
05-15-2019 1Q19 Earnings & Conf. Call
04-10-2019 Santander Equity Conference, Buenos Aires
03-27-2019 4Q18 Earnings & Conf. Call
02-25-2019  JPM GEMs Corporate Conference, Miami
01-29-2019 Credit Suisse LatAm Investment Conference, Sao Paulo
11-14-2018 3Q18 Earnings & Conf. Call
08-08-2018 2Q18 Earnings & Conf. Call
06-13-2018 Citi Annual Brazil Equity Conference, Sao Paulo
06-13-2018 J.P. Morgan Southern Cone & Andean Opportunities Conference, Buenos Aires
06-06-2018 Bank of America Merrill Lynch CalGEMs Conference, California
06-04-2018 HSBC GEMs Investor Forum, New York
05-30-2018 Bank of America Merrill Lynch Emerging Market Corporate Conference, Miami
05-16-2018 Itau BBA LatAm CEO Conference, New York
05-09-2018 1Q18 Earnings & Conf. Call
04-12-2018 Arcos Dorados Holding Inc. Investor Day 2018
03-21-2018 4Q17 Earnings & Conf. Call
01-31-2018 Credit Suisse Latin America Investment Conference, Sao Paulo
11-08-20173Q17 Earnings & Conf. Call 
09-27-2017Credicorp Capital Andean Investors Conference, Lima 
09-20-2017Bank of America Merrill Lynch Global Consumer & Retail Conference, London 
09-06-2017Deutsche Bank GEMs Conference, New York 
08-24-2017J.P. Morgan Brazil Consumer & Healthcare Check-Up, Sao Paulo 
08-09-20172Q17 Earnings & Conf. Call 
07-12-2017Itau BBA Conference, Buenos Aires 
06-05-2017HSBC Global Emerging Markets Investor Forum, New York 
05-31-2017Bank of America Merrill Lynch EMs Corporate Conference, Miami 
05-03-20171Q17 Earnings & Conf. Call 
03-15-20174Q16 Earnings & Conf. Call 
11-21-2016Itau BBA LatAmConference, London 
11-02-20163Q16 Earnings & Conf. Call 
09-08-2016Deutsche Bank GEMs Conference, New York 
08-03-20162Q16 Earnings & Conf. Call 
06-14-2016Bank of America Merrill Lynch CaIGEMs Conference, California 
06-02-2016Bank of America Merrill Lynch EMs Corporate Conference, Miami 
05-16-2016UBS LatAm Consumer Conference, New York 
05-11-2016J.P. Morgan Southern Cone & Andean Conference 2016, Buenos Aires 
05-04-20161Q16 Earnings & Conf. Call 
03-16-20164Q15 Earnings & Conf. Call 
11-04-20153Q15 Earnings & Conf. Call 
09-09-2015Deutsche Bank GEMs Conference, New York 
08-11-20152Q15 Earnings & Conf. Call 
07-08-2015Morgan Stanley GEMs Conference, New York 
05-27-20152015 Emerging Markets Corporate Conference (BofAML) 
05-12-20151Q15 Earnings & Conf. Call 
04-21-2015HSBC Latin American Investment Summit 
03-17-20154Q14 Earnings & Conf. Call 
11-04-20143Q14 Earnings & Conf. Call 
09-03-2014Deutsche Bank GEMs Conference, New York 
08-05-20142Q14 Earnings & Conf. Call 
06-03-2014Bank of America Merrill Lynch CaIGEMs Conference, Los Angeles 
06-02-2014Goldman Sachs Lodging, Gaming, Restaurant and Leisure Conference, New York 
05-06-20141Q14 Earnings & Conf. Call 
03-11-20144Q13 Earnings & Conf. Call 
11-19-2013Morgan Stanley Global Consumer & Retail Conference, New York 
11-05-20133Q13 Earnings & Conf. Call 
08-06-20132Q13 Earnings & Conf. Call 
04-30-20131Q13 Earnings & Conf. Call 
03-08-20134Q12 Earnings & Conf. Call