Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy on Arcos Dorados website.

Arcos Dorados is pleased to provide all of its customers, suppliers and franchise applicants with its main public information: the mission, vision and values, information on the countries where it operates, the Management Board and the Company’s main initiatives regarding food safety and diversity, figures, recognitions, etc. Nutritional tables by country can be accessed in the Nutrition section.

Feel confident that Arcos Dorados makes every effort to protect the privacy of whoever visits us on the web. Arcos Dorados uses “cookies” (pieces of information that a page transfers to a person’s hard drive to keep records) only to obtain impersonal information with the aim of improving your online experience. For example, like most web sites, Arcos Dorados keeps track of the number of people who visit our site anonymously. Arcos Dorados does not associate the cookie information with personal information.

Arcos Dorados only collects identifiable information, such as first and last name, addresses and e-mail address, when voluntarily submitted by visitors to the site. For example, identifiable information may be requested in order to respond to a request for information and to receive your feedback on our site. This information is used exclusively by Arcos Dorados and can only be used internally, to improve the site or act upon requests received. The information is not sold or transferred to third parties. Arcos Dorados does not send unsolicited emails. However, it responds to emails received.

We may offer links to other sites. If you visit one of these sites, you should review their privacy policies and other policies. Arcos Dorados is not responsible for the policies of other companies.

Arcos Dorados reserves the right to use or disclose any information when necessary to satisfy any law, regulation or legal requirement, to protect the integrity of the site, to satisfy requests or to cooperate in law enforcement or any investigation and matter pertaining to public safety.

Note to parents about our Privacy Policy for children.

Arcos Dorados is very careful with all privacy issues. We are proud of the commitment we have made to our consumers over the years. We are especially careful with any communication we have with our valued customers, children and families. From time to time, it may be necessary for Arcos Dorados to change its privacy policy, so we recommend that you check back periodically. You can be assured, however, that any changes will not be applied retroactively and will not alter the use of previously obtained information.

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Personal data protection

What is Personal Data?

Personal Data is any information of any kind referring to natural persons or of ideal existence.

What law protects Personal Data and what is its purpose?

The law that protects Personal Data is No. 25.326. The main purpose of this law and its complementary regulations is the integral protection of personal data recorded in files, registers, data banks or other technical mechanisms for data processing, whether these data are public or private, granting protection to individuals over their right to honor and privacy.

How does Arcos Dorados Argentina S.A. put this regulation into practice?

The regulations on the matter establish that:

“The owner of the personal data has the power to exercise the right of access to such data free of charge at intervals of not less than six months, unless a legitimate interest is accredited to that effect as established in section 14, subsection 3 of Law No. 25326” (Section 1. Provision 10/08).

“The NATIONAL DEPARTMENT FOR THE PROTECTION OF PERSONAL DATA, Control Branch sustained by Law No. 25326, has the power to hear complaints and claims filed in relation to non-compliance with the rules on personal data protection.” (Section 2. Provision 10/08)

“The personal data you provide will be stored in our database and processed only for the purposes you were informed about. They are necessary for the company to know the identity of its employees.” (Art. 6. Law 25.326)

“The owner of the data, after proving proof of his identity, has the right to request and obtain information on his personal data included in public or private data banks intended to provide reports.” (Art. 14. Law 25326)

In compliance with this regulation, Arcos Dorados Argentina S.A. grants every person the right to access the personal data that the company may have about them in its different data banks, through different mechanisms, either by personally entering your “Arcos Dorados Account” with your key and password through our website (, by contacting us by email at or by phone at 0800-777-6236.